Functional Features

Expose capabilities

Upgrade any web application to a micro frontend by exposing its capabilities.

Embedding of micro frontends

Embed micro frontends in your application.

Configure embedded micro frontends

Configure embedded micro frontends to fit them perfectly into your application.

Service API

Provide services to other micro frontends and the whole Arrangement and use services, other Contexts are exposing.

Topic API

Publish messages or subscribe to topics which are available for all parts of your application.

(coming soon) Style Synchronization

Define styles for your application, the embedded micro frontends will adopt it. Users of your application can also change styles at runtime, e.g. to switch to a dark-theme.

(coming soon) Style Synchronization

Micro frontends adopt the styling of their parents to make your application look like one piece.

Non-functional Features

Framework Agnosticity

Micro frontends built with different frameworks can be combined to one application without effort.

Scope Isolation

Guarantees compatibility in every scenario.


Bundle micro frontends into your application at build time or include them from any other origin - they can even be added and removed dynamically at runtime.


Minified and gzipped, its footprint is just about 12 KB.

Easy to use

Create a micro frontend with just a few lines of code.


Use a self explainatory api to describe your micro frontends and orchestrate them in complex arrangements effortlessly.

Rock Solid

Built on web standards and only a few simple core concepts means that you never run into magic behaviour that ruins your day.


Simply wrap the expose() call to create custom functionality.

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